I am an advocate for art that fucking cripples. Paintings that can stop your heart and make words dissolve down your throat, music so moving that it writhes in your gut and makes you dizzy, literature that scrapes your eyeballs or heals your heart because you didn't know language could slice you like that. This is what I love about art. It steals your senses, it has weight. Art matters. I like to make narratives that divulge this minefield that is my psyche. Fantasies and dialogues about sex, beauty, drama and humour-a personal gamourization of the world I live in. These creative obsessions are not an attempt to paint my angels or my demons, but rather a way to lie in bed with both of them. 


Lacey Jane is an artist from Edmonton, AB, who currently works and studies in Montreal at Concordia University. She is an artists with A'Shop, an artist-run production company in Montreal that specializes in public murals, street art and painting performances. Visit

Lacey Jane is also 1/2 of the dynamic duo that is Hot Sluts and Poutine! A collaboration dedicated to sexual celebration through humour, art and ridiculousness!  To witness the debauchery, visit