About Lacey Jane

Lacey Jane (b. 1988, Edmonton, AB, Canada) is a contempoaray female artist most notable for her work as a muralist and oil painter. Specializing in narrative portraiture, Jane's work pulse with tension, a turbulence of drama and questionable motives that sink into the waters between immersive realism and exaggerated imagination. 

Lacey Jane studied Fine Art at the University of Grant MacEwan in Edmonton AB (2007-2009), and graduated Concordia University with Great Distinction in 2016 after completing studies abroad at the l'Ecole d'Enseignement Supérieur d'art de Bordeaux, France (2015). 
In 2008 she received the Jason Lang Scholarship for Excellence, the Barbara and John Poole Family Endowed Fund for the Arts, and The Francis Henderson Klingle Scholarship for Fine Art, a D. L. Stevenson Colour Scholarship for Academic Excellence in 2014, and in upon graduation in, 2016 she received the prestigious Yves Gaucher Prize in Studio Arts from Concordia University.

She currently works and resides in Montreal, QC, Canada, where her practice is dedicated to both her studio works and her career in public art, and in her spare time, handcrafting jewelry.

To see her mural works, visit www.laceyandlaylaart.com

To view her jewelry, visit instagram.com/wildebeastbylacey